Meet Kristie 

Kristie Sita is a Professional Dancer, Fitness Coach and Physical Disability Consultant for Film and Television in Vancouver BC. After surviving a severe boating accident in 2014 resulting in having her left hand amputated to the wrist. Overcoming each obstacle that has followed the amputation is what makes Kristie who she is today: a courageous, passionate and growing inspiration to anyone she may meet on her path. 


 Kristie takes on the Performance Industry as the only single-handed Dancer and Influencer across Canada. Kristie has pursed great success in her early start to her career working as a featured dancer on Disney Channels Original Movie Disney Descendants 2 and upcoming in 2019 she will also premier in the squal Disney Descendants 3.


Kristie also pursues the film industry as the leading Physical Disability Consultant for Film and Television. Kristie works 1-1 with actors who are portraying a Physically Disabled Character creating and bringing reality and honesty into the actors connection with the character and their performance.


Kristie recently developed and launched the start of her company SITAFITT witch is an Online Personal Training Service for Athletic Performers; Specializing in Coaching Dancers and Performing Artists. Kristie uses this platform to build, educate and elevate dancers world-wide. SITAFITT represents a community of artists who are committed to creating their strongest mentality and physique to thrive in todays competitive industry. 


Powerful, inspiring, driven and determined, Kristie continues on her path with pure optimism and dedication; exploring and conquering every opportunity that is presented.